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An Austrian-Hungarian physician named Ignaz Semmelweis had discovered the importance of hand hygiene in 1858 to control the spread of infections. Semmelweis suggested that doctors needed to wash their hands to reduce the risk of infections for their patients. Now, it's 2020 and there is a new form of hygiene recommended to reduce the spread of infection to your computer systems. With cyber-hygiene, we can teach you that with some pretty simple steps, you too can drastically reduce the chance of infection.

Personal Cybersecurity Consultation

There are no natural instincts for cybersecurityGrowing up in Las Cruces, there was a need to lock the door when we leave. Don't talk to strangers. Make sure to look both ways before crossing the street.But now, there seems to be this informational gap on what should be done; when do...

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Business Consultation Services

Give your Business Cyber ResilienceThe question is no longer when your Las Cruces business will be hit with a cyber attack, but when.What is cyber resilience? Our definition is: "The ability of complex cyber-systems to continuously deliver the intended outcome despite ongoing shock a...

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Safekeep Vault

We work hard to keep your data safe Daily Backups 256-bit SSL Encryption Server-Side Encrypted Data Advanced Firewall Protection 24/7 Vault System Monitoring ISO/IEC27001-2013 Security Standards Universal 2nd Factor Key Authentication RequiredAre you concerne...

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Our Guarantee

Safekeep Cybersecurity 100% guarantees to pay back all of your consultation fees if you or your business does not find any consultation services useful or informative. In the world of Cybersecurity, let us help keep your data safe.  

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Jacob Archuleta

Managed Security Services Forum, ABQ

Jacob Archuleta will be speaking at the Managed Security Services Forum in ABQ on the 28th of May! This conference is a great opportunity for companies and individuals to come together to discuss what it takes to solve security and technology problems. This conference is created by CTG Intelligence, a business that creates events and training […]

Stop Think Connect

Proud Partnership with Stop | Think | Connect – Download your free cybersecurity Tips & Advice

Safekeep Cybersecurity is dedicated to help keep the internet safer for everyone. Our company has entered a proud partnership with Stop | Think | Connect’s mission to help keep the web a safer place for everyone. As a partner, our team is doing our part with this global online safety awareness campaign to help all […]

Safekeep Cybersecurity

CVE-2020-10558 | Tesla Model 3 Hack – Disable Autopilot Notifications, Speedometer, Web Browser, Climate Controls, Turn Signals, Nav, etc.

CVE-2020-10558 | Tesla Model 3 Hack by Jacob Archuleta Featured On:   Investigation: I was able to find this Tesla Model 3 Hack / Denial of Service Attack (DoS) after investigating the Tesla Model 3’s web interface. This was after being inspired from the amazing team, Fluoroacetate after they discovered a JIT bug in the […]



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