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Jacob Archuleta

Jacob Archuleta

Owner - Safekeep Cybersecurity

Hi, I started Safekeep Cybersecurity to complete one goal, and that is to keep your data safe. Through training, cybersecurity best practices, and investigation, I found that the best solution is education. I want to make sure that my clients are educated and love passing on knowledge to others. For myself, I see it as a personal goal to continue learning so that I may further help my clients secure their environments and future. I am excited to share my passion for Cybersecurity to others, and hope I help you through our training, consultation service, or even just one of our blog posts!

Additional Information:

Among other career accomplishments, I am currently ranked Top 100 for Tesla Hall of Fame (BugCrowd: Bug Bounty Program) for disclosing a vulnerability in the Tesla Model 3 Electric vehicle. I am also ranked 775 on Hack The Box, a penetration testing website developed as a CTF competition.

I have also spoke at a Managed Security Services Forum in Albuquerque, where  we discuss the future of Cybersecurity, and how we can help build the architects of the future.



I know what you are thinking! Why would this guy blur out his face? Well, there are several different reasons why I choose to do this. Here is a list of companies and articles I have found that should help you understand the current landscape of facial recognition online.

“The NYT says the company’s work could “end privacy as we know it”” – The Verge.