Personal Cybersecurity Consultation

Let's help keep you safe.

Growing up in Southern New Mexico, our parents taught us what we must do to be safe on the streets; Look both ways before crossing the street, always use a crosswalk, and always begin to cross at the start of  the green light or “walk” signal, where provided.

Unfortunately, when you are Online and on The Internet, there seems to be this informational gap on what should be done; how to safely read e-mails, share info, visit websites, type in our passwords, and what we install on our phones.

Personal Cybersecurity is going to help provide that gap of fundamental training from a technology age where all of these new and exciting things happened, but we were never told what could go wrong until it was too late.

Personal Cybersecurity Consultation Services Include:

  • Operating System Overview
  • Password Management Overview
  • Security Posture Overview
  • Email Security
  • Cyber-Profiling